SCAM Network is P2P platform to match victims with private investigators, warn investors about scams and financially incentivize whistleblowers.

The Scam Foundation

Scammers make off with a victim's money. The victim simply has to proceed to the SCAMNetwork platform to post a bounty. The request would be vetted and the bounty automatically escrowed in a smart contract.

Our SCAM Hunters pick the bounty request and proceed to utilise their abilities to hunt down the scammers at large. They provide a Proof of Hunt and identities of the scammers to the SCAMNetwork, which bets the proof and proceeds to post the information on the SCAMNetwork.

Victims can seek justice against their scammers with this proof, allowing them to easily utilise the existing legal system to seek legal redress and financial compensation.

Core Team

Kenneth Mbeh
Business strategist

Kenneth has an impressive repertoire of experience with managing businesses both inside and outside of the sphere of blockchain technology, as well as to help them streamline and construct impressive and competitive products.

Tan Qi Zhong Eddrick

Eddrick is a seasoned veteran in ICO ecosystem, helping multitudes of accredited ICOs achieve their crowdfunding targets.

Road map

Q1 2018
Token listing on exchanges
Q1-2 2018
Main net launch
10% reserve token burn
Q2-3 2018
Anti-scam Ecosystem launch
25% reserve token burn
Q1-2 2019
Investigation and adoption of partial to full automation through code and smart contracts
50% reserve token burn

Token Distribution

Token Sale

We are raising $9.6m to combat scams.

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